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Whipped Body Scrubs

We strive to get our ingredients from woman owned companies like myself, small businesses that are locally owned, American owned or that make a difference.

The Coconut Oil that we use in our Whipped Body Scrubs we get from Baraka Impact. Baraka Impact makes a difference for women, children, and their families.

Baraka’s coconut oils support small-holder farmers in Ghana’s Western Region. For most women and families this is the mainstay of their economy. Baraka and its local partners encourage and support multi-cropping, especially the growing of vegetables and food crops for household nutrition and sustenance.

Baraka traditional virgin naturally organic coconut oil as our base. Baraka’s traditional coconut oil is hand grown and harvested by small-holder farms in Ghana. The coconuts are transported to a food-grade facility where they are traditionally processed using techniques passed down through generations. This traditional method heightens the flavor, creating a sweet, toasted coconutty oil that many prefer for products.

By purchasing and using Baraka products my company makes a difference for women, children, and their families in rural Ghanaian communities where Baraka's butters, oils and other products are sourced and produced.

Rest assured that when you use our Whipped Body Scrubs you are only getting the "Best" ingredients possible from us, guaranteed!!

Here are two of our New Whipped Body Scrubs, with more to come!!


Rosemary & Mint

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