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Self Isolating

Practice random acts of kindness. Leave a thank you note for your mailman or delivery person. Leave a positive comment on a friends post. Like or share a small businesses post, that is struggling to survive. Your kindness doesn't have to monetary. Send some love to someone in a text, email or the good old fashioned way in a letter. Check on your neighbors, it will make them, and you feel good (just remember to stay 6 feet apart). Think of those who could benefit from your kindness and generosity. Then act on it!!

If you can, go outside get some Sunshine, take a Stroll, take a Deep Breathe. It's Soothing and Relaxing for your mind and body. Get a good night's sleep, try and eat healthy. Exercise regularly, even if it's indoors, just change up your routine. Wash your hands frequently, it's incredible how much that helps! We are all in this together! We are not alone! Let's all get through this and help one another!! Just remember to BREATHE!!!

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