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Happy Pets

Dogs are our Faithful Companions! They love to run and play with us. They don't have shoes like us, they only have their four paws. When their paws become sore, dry, cracked or cut, they won't stop running and playing until the pain becomes so excruciating that they have no choice but to stop. Our Happy Pets Balm can help to prevent damage to the skin on their paws pads. It can also soothe and repair damaged and cracked pads. Our Balm has healing and moisturizing properties. We use 100% Pure Marshmallow Root, which is a healing herb that has been used for Centuries and also has Anti-inflammatory properties. Coupled with Shea Butter and a touch of Lemongrass Essential Oil this is a must have to help protect and treat your Dogs Paws. Happy Pets can also be used on other parts of your pets skin besides just the paws. Happy Pets is safe if your pet licks the product off.

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