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French Grey Sea Salt

Relax and Detox with our Luxurious Detox Bath Salts. It has French Grey Sea Salt which has a high mineral and moisture content. This makes it incredibly effective to balance the skin's hydration level. When blended with Dead Sea Salt, this formula detoxifies as it gently soothes all skin types. French Grey Sea Salt is hand harvested in the Guerande region of France in the centuries old tradition. Clean Sea Water is channeled into clay lines evaporation ponds. As the salt crystals form, they absorb a beautiful grey color and trace minerals from the clay. Then the delicate salt grains are collected by hand in the traditional method. This produces the beautiful, soft sea salt crystal with higher moisture content. French Grey Sea Salt is all-natural and unrefined. It is cherished for its Unique Color, High Trace Mineral Content, and Texture. It's the perfect salt for our Detox Bath Salts!!

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