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Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt

This Salt is considered to be a SCARED CEREMONIAL SALT - Native Hawaiians considered this salt to be a powerful healing tool. It was used as an Ancient Treatment for broken bones, bug bites, burns, and various other ailments. Native Hawaiians believe that the Red Alaea Clay gives the salt its Spiritual Power. To this day it is still used in Traditional Ceremonies, Ritual Blessings, and for Purifying & Healing purposes. Naturally occuring Minerals in this salt make this salt Naturally Detoxifying. This salt naturally attracts and removes dirt & impurities trapped under the skin. It works to rid the body of dry, rough skin, encourages turnovers of new skin cells, draws impurities out, and smooths & brightens the skin. This Aleaea Hawaiian Red Salt makes a great addition to our Immunity Bath Salt Blend and our Revive Bath Salt Blend. The Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt is the perfect All-Natural, Colorful Alternative to the traditional bath salts blends!!

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