Hangover Blend 1 | K and C Naturals

This blend is a must have for those mornings after a little too much... fun! The aroma can help subside nausea and other ailments casued by a hangover. Just place one in the shower and let the steamer do the rest.

(Contains 6 Shower Steamers)


Hangover Blend 1


    • Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
    • Citric Acid
    • Witch Hazel
    • Ginger Essentail Oil
    • Sweet Fennel Essential Oil
    • Orange Essential Oil
    • Lemon Essential Oil
    • Peppermint Essential Oil

    Satisfaction guaranteed! 30 day return policy on all unused product for a full refund excluding shipping and handling.


    We use all natural ingredients in our products which will help nourish and cleanse your skin without presevatives. For best results make sure to use by expiration dates listed on individual products. 


    • not recommended for use with children under 10 years of age
    • not recommended for use in the bath tub
    • consult your physician if any adverse reactions occur
    • consult your physician if you are pregnant or breast feeding before use


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